Collaborative Writing with Penflip

I written previously about my infatuation with Markdown and the search for the ultimate Markdown editors is a true struggle of the Geek With Too Much Time ™. What most editors both desktop and web lack is a great way of collaborating on documents, an area where Google Docs is usually held up as a […]

Quick and Easy Screen

I can remember some of the early “rules” of web design where screen sizes were a moving target and the goal was to always design a site to fit within 640px (we later collectively decided 800px was ok, then 960px once widescreen monitors came around). This was long before people were viewing their websites on […]

Using Surge for Free Static Site Hosting

I came across this tool via Alan Levine in light of a Twitter conversation on various hosting methods for static sites, and he’s done an excellent job of outlining Surge over on his blog. Surge is a tool primarily geared towards front-end developers that want a quick and easy way to get their site online, […]

Visual and Interactive Data via Keshif

Keshif is an open source tool that allows you to embed interactive ways of exploring large datasets in a variety of way. I got turned on to this tool a few months ago by Tom Woodward at Virginia Commonwealth University’s ALT Lab while I was visiting as he was looking at ways to show faceted data […]

Building Markdown-based Sites with MkDocs

In the past few years I’ve grown to love Markdown formatting of documents, which is ironic because I used to hate anything that didn’t give me a visual editor. When I set out to rethink documentation for Reclaim Hosting, the web hosting company I co-founded with my partner Jim Groom, I knew Markdown documents would […]

A short introduction

It feels like lately there’s a lot of great stuff getting developed for the web. So much so that more often than not I find out about a new tool or service secondhand from Twitter or GitHub or someone else doing something great with it. I have a few sources for information about the latest […]